Psychic Blackboard

With this blacboard you can demostrate your mentalist skills, producing telekinesis effects at any time and place, you can also became a Spirit Master capable of call- upon people who are not longer in this world, to answer questions from beyond.
A powerful effect in the public, to use it as a full rutine or to reforce your act of mentalism.
You don’t need assistant
No electronic
Without magnets
No angle problems ( you can be surrounded or near the public)
The board can be delivered for examination
Always ready to be used, resets in front of the audience without anyone notice the trick. You can do the effect again, and again without problems
Easy to use
Ideal for magic room or stage
A great effect of mentalism
# A blackboard specially designed ( 36×26 cm
# Instructions in english and spanish with ideas, different handles and other tips.

  • USD$ 75

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