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Chesse Thief

A while ago, a man came to our neighborhood bringing with him a touch of flavor and tradition! Your proposal of him? Nothing less than a charming cheese shop! ...

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Classic Drawer Box

An old school trick that still surprising crowds.
With a modern look but with the same efficiency and practicality.
You can use it for the appearance of doves, little rabbits, silks or whatever you to appear in your routine

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Magnetic Spirit Slate

The classic game of the Spiritualist Boards, a must-have in the Mentalism routines, now magnetic to give more security to the presentation...

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Stage TV Card Frame

A participant from the public chooses a card, is asked to show it to the public and to remember it, then it is lost among the other cards and mixed....

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Boom Bye Head

Boom Bye Head is the modern adaptation of an old classic magic effect.
The artist places the Boom bye Head on the head of a participant (who can be from the public) and after some preparations, he presses a red button...

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Caracol, is a novel, fun and colorful version of the old Color Change of Records, today our
children no longer know what a vinyl record is, but they do have a great affinity and curiosity
for animals and nature, for That is why we believe that this little illusion is ideal to refresh and
renew your magic routine for children.
We include a music stand so you can make the last record disappear and have a strong final
A clear explanation of the video routine is also included.
Colorful, practical, compact for transport, high visual impact but above all “MAGIC”

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Pizza Pasa

The classic Pasa Pasa effect now with a super fun gastronomic version, easy to transport and with an unexpected finale!!

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