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Who is Anton Corradin?

Fabian Antonio Corradin was born in Sastre, Santa Fe, Argentina in 1967. He attended his primary studies in that city, his secondary studies gave him the title of Agrotécnico Bachelor and in 1994 he completed his university studies, receiving the title of Veterinary Doctor. In spite of his permanent interest in the magical arts, only in 1994, in the city of Rosario, he found a group with the same concerns and affinity for magic, with which he began to study in an academy (Instituto Superior Isabel Toboga) during the span of two years. Then he becomes a founding partner of GRIM (Grupo Rosarino de Magical Illusionists of Rosario), a group that currently has him as a member. Over the years he has received numerous awards in different competitions around the world, both for his activity as a magician and for his inventions.

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