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"Magnetic Spirit Slate"




The classic game of the Spiritualist Boards, a must-have in the Mentalism routines, now magnetic to give more security to the presentation. In this version the slates are thin (only 1cm thick each) which gives away any idea that the slates contain a trap.
The slates can be examined closely. You will not see anything suspicious.
The magician shows two clean slates and writes a number on each of their 4 faces, on two of them he writes….Who is here?….he gathers them and gives them to someone from the audience to hold them and invoke the spirits, after a spiritualistic ritual he is asked to separate them, with great astonishment and fear, the assistant sees a written message and proceeds to read it… The climate that is generated is tremendous.
Its great size 32 cm x 23 cm makes it ideal for numerous audiences.
Excellent manufacture and finish.