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Start your routine in a distinguished manner, by making the cards appear.
Also, if you regularly use in your routine the invisible pack of cards classic effect, you have the advantage of reinforcing the trick by making the cards appear in a fancy and beautiful wooden box which you have previously showed to be empty to the audience. With this performance, you will achieve a unique and incomparable atmosphere. You will be adding poetry and charm to your show.

The artist begins with a short introduction, explaining to his audience that tonight some special elements are gathering: the attention the members of the audience are paying to the show and the good vibe the magician is receiving from them. This will let him share with them an almost miraculous experience.

With an absolutely empty box in his hands, the magician asks someone from the audience to pick an invisible pack of cards from inside the box, to open the case, draw the cards, shuffle them and freely choose one, to place it again with the rest of the cards, only turned around so that when the pack is spread on the table, the chosen card may be totally identifiable. The assistant should place all cards inside its corresponding case and this should then be put inside the wooden box. Consequently, the artist places the box on a table and goes over all what has happened so far to explain that when all conditions stated above are achieved, it is possible that all that occurs on the minds of the audience will be reflected in reality, just as a mirror that allows them to see what goes on inside their minds.

To understand this even better, we will see what happens with our experience. The magician opens the box and finds a pack of cards on the inside. He asks the participant: “Was the card similar to this one? Then, he continues to open the case and draw off the cards, showing that there is only one card turned around. He asks the participant to remind the audience which was the card he imagined and placed in a different order, then, the magician turns the card around to show it was exactly the same one as that the participant imagined.


Totally automatic.

Easy to reset.