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"Telekinesis for Dinner"


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This is the ideal trick for magicians who work in restaurants or at parties. It can also surprise your own family or friends before or after sitting down for a meal. This game is a must for those who love telekinesis or impromtu magic.
As its name suggests, this trick is used to amaze your audience with your telekinesis ability before or after a meal.

After briefly explaining his highly developed capacity to dominate his mental powers, the magician asks for a ring or some other small personal object.

While he removes the plate that is in front of him on the table, he puts the ring in its place and covers it with an upside-down wine glass. Now, there is no way for an external agent to touch the ring, the magician explains.

After a minute of deep concentration, the ring suddenly flings forward toward its owner, tipping the wine glass, and sometimes breaking it. When the ring is returned to its owner, the surprised attendees will be free to check all the items on the table, to see if they can find any explanation for this mysterious and incredible experience.

+ No remote control or electrical systems necessary.
+ No thread.
+ No magnets.
It can be performed on any table, with any ring, small object and with any wine glass.
Only a very small metal gimmick is needed, which can be carried in a shirt or pant pocket.