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"Shattered & Fixed Glass"


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The glass on a picture frame is broken and then restored to its original state in front of the astonished audience.

The Magician opens by showing the audience a picture frame with a photo of Harry Houdini and comments that -besides being famous for his great escapes- the illusionist had another virtue that was less known. It was the power of his gaze; he could shatter glass or mirrors by just looking at them. Next, he explains that, not being Harry himself, he uses something more practical to break a piece of glass and places the picture frame in an empty plastic bag, then twists it until the noise of broken glass is heard. He holds it up, places it on the table and after a few magic moves, shows the glass restored to its original state. Amidst the laughter of the astonished audience, the Magician announces, “BEHOLD!! THIS IS SOMETHING HARRY WAS NEVER ABLE TO DO”.

– Contains all the elements of a successful game.
– Staging adaptable to Close Up routines.
– Perfectly safe, made of wood and plastic.
– Resettable in seconds.
– Ready to use once and again as often as desired.
– Very easy to perform and present.