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"It´s a Rubik´s Time"



The classic effect of the “given traveller” now with double transposition; the Rubik’s cube travels where is the clock and the clock where is the Rubik’s cube.

– Double entertainment
– Double impact in the public
– Easy-to-run

With the excuse of taking time to assemble the Rubik´s cube, the artist presents the clock, the Rubik´s cube and it´s box. After some failed attempts, decides to magically travel to the items and change their locations.“Anton Corradin did it again. Another great magic idea from his crazy mind, this time for Young audiences …. Finally, a surprising and very funny routine magic for children with a Rubik´s cube! A different transposition with many opportunities for comedy. It´s fun time, It is time for magic. It´s a Rubik´s Time”

Carlos Adriano