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"Deluxe Pet Cage"



The classic effect of the appearance of tigers and lions of Las Vegas, now adapted to be able to do it, with your pet (small dog, Cat, Rabbit etc.)
It has a rotating base that allows you to present it on ANY table or stool for daily use.
It is assembled and disassembled without removing or putting in a single screw, which allows to show its complete disassembly in front of the public after the appearance of the pet, showing that it has no traps.
Made entirely of WOOD (but with a metallic appearance), it gives it an ideal weight for transport, only 2,2lbs o 4kg.
An illusion that will give a lot to talk about in your surprised audience

Cage Measurements
18 ‘(45 cm) x 14.5´ (36 cm) x 13´ (32.5 cm)
Loadspace measurements
12.5´ (31) x 11´ (27 cm) x 5´ (12.5 cm)