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"Ringing Card Case"


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Picture this! You are about to begin your cards routine in any place, at any moment. You pick your cards out of the case, then, you close it, place it aside and begin your show. During your performance, you realize that one of the members in your audience carries a ring.

In order to finish your show in a grand way, you ask that participant to lend you his / her ring. You place it in one hand and raise, with the other hand, the empty cards case which was there all along for the audience to see. With just a magic blow from a lady from the audience, the ring fades from your hand and appears inside the box. The box is opened and from its inside the participant’s ring is drawn. Then, the artist puts the cards back inside the case as he enjoys the applauses.

From the outside, the case is absolutely normal and it can be used to carry your cards. Wherever you carry them, you will take with you this amazing effect, always ready to be used.

* Easy to perform.
* Resets automatically.
* Always ready to be used.
* Nothing to hide or fear.
* Inexpensive, handy, simple.
* Performed using Bicycle cases.


Totally automatic.