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"The Mystic Rose"



The best present for a woman is a flower. If you don´t agree with this, check it out by trying the Mystic Rose.

A person from the audience, preferably a woman, is asked to help the magician. This person is shown a piece of cardboard that will be shaped into a pyramid.
The magician shows both sides of the piece of cardboard. Then he assembles it so as to form the pyramid, holds it with a string and gives it to the participant.
After showing three closed envelopes, the magician asks the participant to choose one freely. Once he has opened the envelope and taken the colored card out of it, he shows the remaining envelopes so that the audience see that each envelope had different colored cards.
Printed on each card is a description of the qualities of the corresponding color. At the bottom of all the cards the following phrase is printed: This is the color of the Mystic Rose.

When the participant and the rest of the audience ask him what the Mystic Rose is, the magician answers: “The flower you will hold in your hand.” At this moment, he pulls the string out of the pyramid and as he does so a rose the color of the chosen card appears.
The participant is given the flower and the magician enjoys the applause.

You simply need to have the Mystic Rose in your hands because it is:
– a complete routine.
– easy to perform.
– absolutely reliable.
– quickly assembled.

The Mystic Rose kit includes a detailed description to learn how to perform