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"Prince Anton Racket"



It all starts when the Magician tells the audience that by mere chance he found a beautiful tennis racket in his aunt’s house in Argentina.

After doing some research, he concluded that the racket was, to his astonishment, the one the famous Argentine tennis player, Guillermo Vilas, had used in 1977 when he won the Roland Garros tournament in Paris.

Some sports journalists of the time spoke of the magic in Vilas’s style, though there was a rumor that the secret of his effective shots was in the racket itself. Anyway, this has never been proved.

In a louder voice, the Artist explains: “The truth is tonight is the 27th anniversary of that unforgettable achievement, which is why I have brought the special racket with me, for all of us to discover the secret of this mysterious story.

I will try to look like and move as Guillermo Vilas used to but instead of using a tennis ball I will use this deck of cards.”

The Magician shuffles and cut the cards. Then he asks a participant to choose any card and sign it. The card is put back in the deck.

With great excitement, the Magician exclaims: “The expected moment has come”. He tosses the deck and all the cards fall like rain. Before they fall on the floor he serves an imaginary ball with the racket. When he shows the racket, everyone may see that one of the cards is attached to the strings. The secret is revealed. The Magician and the audience discover the magic was definitely in the racket. The card on the strings is the one the participant had signed.

The Magician ends the show saying: “I know that when the show ends many people will want to buy this racket. It always happens, After all, who wouldn´t want to win a Davis Cup, The U.S Open tournament or any other. But I am really sorry, this is a family heirloom.”