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"Gift Surprise 2008"


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After creating one the most innovative illusion of all time, Anton Corradin brings a new version of the Gift Surprise that goes beyond the original one created in 2002.
2008 Gift Surprise allows us to perform, in any place or circumstance, the apparence of a partner, a tennager, a dancer, a boys, Santa Claus or anyone you can imagine.
Handy, original, surprising and astonishing.
The magician is absolutely free. He just to guide to cart.
The illusion has no angle problems, so it can be performed surrounded by the audience.
The partner come out of the box walking. The magician does not have many effort, so he can focus all his energy on his perfomance.
Once he finished the act, the cards fold in half by only unscrewing two wing nuts and the cardboard also folds up, so both element take up a 40in x 23in x 12in space and weight 39lb. This makes the illusion easy to be carried in any car trunk and handy to be stored.

The illusion includes a DVD with a clear explanation.
We are sure to have created an illusion that will make your professional work easier and more fun.