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"Magnetic Jumbo Coin"

Magnetic Jumbo Coin

Magnetic Jumbo Coin will give you the perfect end for your routine.

As its name indicates, this is a magnetic coin that has 7 inches in diameter and that sticks on any metal surface no matter what size it has.

This feature will allow you to leave the coin stick under a chair, on a table leg, etc. and load it at the moment you need.

You will also receive a gimmick to place on any part of your body in order to achieve the most quick, easy and precise loads and unloads you’ve ever seen.

It includes a DVD with 3 clearly explained routines and many ideas on how to use it.

Delicate manufacturing and handmade finishing.

Available in coins of half dollar or 2 Euro.


USD$ 110
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Magnetic Jumbo Coin

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