"Money Bag"

Money Bag

Absolutely brilliant and utterly practical, this game adapts to any kind of performance and to audiences of all ages. There are no requirements or restrictions of any sort. A performer can execute it sourrounded by an audience. It is in itself, a complete routine.
Don’t loose the opportunity to have in your hands this novel game which, in view of its features, seems to be condemned to become a magic clasic of our time.

The magician puts some coins inside a bag (he may ask someone to do so as well), but the coins fall to the floor because the bag has no end. Using his hands and forearms, he shows the empty ineer side of the bag. After a shake a picture of a coin appears printed, then, a giant coin worth fifity cents (7” o 17cm) falls from the bag. On the other side of the bag a picture of a bill appears printed, and from inside, a millon dollars cascade falls.

This game includes:

* An instructional DVD.
* A 7” (17cm) fifty-cent coin, covered in aluminium .
* A million dollars wad.
* An especialy prepared bag


USD$ 80
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