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"Take Apart Vanish Box"

Take Apart Vanish Box



With this device you can make small animals disappear or any object that fits in it. Yes!! As you hear it, with the box armed, open its lid and place inside what you need to make disappear, make some magical passes and disassemble it to show that it has disappeared. You can use it with pigeons, small rabbits, etc.

Measurements are:

10,5´´ x 7´´ x 4´´
26cm x 18.5cm x 10 cm


CAUTION! Disclaimer:

When you purchase this item, you agree that you will assume full responsibility for handling both the prop and your animal in a safe manner.
By purchasing this item, you agree not to hold Anton Corradin.com responsible for the safety of your animal.
If you have ANY questions about the safe operation of this prop, please contact us BEFORE using it.


USD$ 80
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